About us

SVlaboratories is a brand of ethical and organic cosmetics.

Hello! My name is Albina Nazarova and I am the founder of SAHAR&VOSK brand and SVlaboratories cosmetics company. My longest ambition has been to create my own cosmetics that would have high quality and would also be affordable for any woman. Running SAHAR&VOSK international network of affordable epilation studios has given me insights about what products professionals need. So, I came up with the idea to create professional hair removal sugaring pastes and pre / post epil products. Later, I have expanded my product portfolio to include scrubs, skin moisturizers, a lip balm, bath salts and bombs, a shower gel, and personal hygiene products. Our ambitious professional team has created unique products that meet all my requirements regarding:

  • quality,
  • affordability, and
  • ethics.

Our products combine advanced technologies and natural ingredients, while also having affordable prices.

We create each product with love and care.

For me, SVlaboratories is not just a cosmetic brand, but rather an ambition to deliver a high-quality care product that every woman will enjoy.

Albina Nazarova

Founder of the international network of depilation salons SAHAR & VOSK and the SVlaboratories cosmetics brand

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