Bandage Sugar Paste 300g

Bandage Sugar Paste 300g

Vendor code: 00102

Manufacturer: ООО «СВ ЛАБ»

300 pt.


390 RUB

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glucose, fructose, purified water, citric acid

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The bandage paste is recommended for manual or bandage techniques on large body areas (arms, legs, back, stomach). Effectively removes fine and vellus hair.

It can also be used to adjust paste thickness, thus helping to save sugar paste, increase work speed and paste plasticity.


How to use: For manual technique. If necessary, preheat the paste to the desired texture. Avoid overheating. De-oil and cleanse skin, apply the paste manually against hair growth. Quickly remove the paste in in the opposite direction. After the procedure, remove any paste residues.


To adjust paste thickness: add the required amount of the bandage paste in your chosen paste for perfect plasticity.


Ingredients: glucose, fructose, purified water, citric acid